Thursday, 18 March 2010

Family Feud Online Game Full Version PC Download

Download Family Feud Game Online I and II for PC
Family Feud is a great computer game to play with all the family! Based on the popular TV show, this full version PC download game bundle includes 2 editions of the Family Feud game.

With 1000s of Family Feud questions and special points and awards for top answers - just like the show.

And you can get this double play Family Feud game download online.


Play Unlimited Double Play Family Feud I/II on PC

Survey says: Let's play Family Feud! with Double Play - Family Feud I and II Bundle.

Based on the hit television show of Family Feud from FremantleMedia, Double Play - Family Feud I and II game bundle features thousands of questions, special achievement awards, and mega-bonus points for winning streaks and top answers! Do your best to correctly guess what 100 people said when they answered our survey questions. Try to beat the average score, or go head-to-head against your friends and family members! With more than 2,000 questions and over 10,000 answers, there's no end to the fun!

Download the Double Play Family Feud I and II full version and take advantage of this amazing deal to download full versions of two great games.

Double Play Family Feud 1 and 2 Full Version Game Includes:
  • Download 2 great family feud online games in one bundle!
  • Over 2,000 original questions
  • More than 10,000 answers
  • Great game host, stunning graphics, and captivating music
  • Play solo or multi-player against friends and family members
System Requirements for Double Play Family Feud 1 and 2
* Windows XP/Windows 2000
* 400 MHz Pentium 2 or equivalent
* 256MB RAM
* DirectX 7.0

Play Family Feud 2 Full Version
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