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Escape From Paradise 2 - A Kingdom's Quest Time Management Game

Full Version Escape From Paradise 2 Download for Mac and PC
Escape from Paradise 2: A Kingdom's Quest from Gogii Games is a simulation and time management game. With an ever increasing tribe, you must explore the secrets of the many surrounding islands with strategy, mini-games, and many other challenges, in order to become tribal leader.
You will need to help your tribespeople, making sure they are not hungry or thirsty and basically keep the order and happiness of your tribe to ensure they work effectively in 3 main areas: building, woodcutting and the gathering of supplies.


Play Unlimited Escape From Paradise 2 on Mac and PC

Rise to Chieftain and marry the object of your affection in Escape from Paradise 2, the stirring sequel to the fantastic adventure game!

Finally winning your freedom at the end of the first adventure, you realized that living in paradise wasn't so bad after all, and decided to stay. However, the island king, jealous and suspicious of your talents, has banished you to a remote part of the isle where survival is the top priority. Can you overcome the challenges and create a thriving tribe to impress the king and win his consent in marriage?

Collect wood, food and build shelters to survive with your custom character. Gain the trust of natives and watch your village grow by adding more members. Play addicting Hidden Object and Match 3 mini-games to complete challenges. Explore more islands, delegate tasks and rise to tribal Chieftain!

Escape From Paradise 2 Full Version Game Includes:
  • Create your own paradise in this captivating adventure sequel
  • Use your custom character to overcome challenges and impress the king
  • Win his consent to marry the object of your affection
  • Collect wood, food and build shelters to survive
  • Play addicting Hidden Object and Match 3 mini-games

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