Monday, 17 May 2010

Play Diner Dash 5 - the Latest Diner Dash Game

Play Diner Dash 5 the new Diner Dash game
Diner Dash® 5 - BOOM! is the exciting new chapter of the Diner Dash game series popular with fans of time management and simulation games.
You must help Flo, the heroine of the series, rebuild her diner business and beat her competition.
Diner Dash® 5 - BOOM! is a fantastic well made, fast-paced, gripping time management game!
Find out how you can own this latest Diner Dash game - Diner Dash 5 BOOM! full version download game.


Play Diner Dash5
When Flo's diner meets with disaster, you must take her tasty treats to the streets while rebuilding her diner.
Play Diner Dash 5

Feed the characters of DinerTown in out-of-the-ordinary locations while battling unpredictable weather and natural disasters.

New Diner Dash Game Diner Dash 5 Boom!

Keep things moving to upgrade your equipment and customize the new diner!

Full Version Diner Dash Game Includes:
  • 5 venues across 50 levels
  • More than 50 upgrades
  • Unique new challenges!
  • Use the mouse to move Flo and complete tasks
  • See in-game help for detailed instructions

Download and Play Diner Dash 5 Game Full Version
Diner Dash 5 is available on:

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